First to develop an integrated Topline Performance Model

Topline Consulting is the first organisation in Australia to develop an integrated Topline Performance Model. Designed for mid-sized companies seeking to grow. The Topline Performance Model provides organisations a well-defined revenue growth process that is effective and measurable. 


Cumulate Performance

The effectiveness of the model is enhanced by the integration of growth factors and the cumulative effect of the integrated processes working together in synergy. Each element of the model in isolation can have a positive impact on growth however often single-strand initiatives can be overwhelmed by adverse economic conditions. The benefit of the Topline Performance Model is that when all four factors of the model work together in synergy the momentum driving growth is much stronger and thereby more resistant to adverse economic conditions.  

Step-change in Performance

The Topline Performance Model is designed to deliver a significant step-change in performance. Clearly not all projects will be successful since there are times when adverse factors cannot be controlled or risks mitigated. In normal circumstances, Topline programs focus on the key growth drivers that can potentially provide the largest growth impact. For example in Leadership Development, implementing basic Transformational Leadership can often deliver a 50% increase in team performance. Additionally when Transformational Leadership is used as the catalyst for the leadership team to take responsibility for driving innovation and competitive strategy development, the result may exceed a 50% set-change in performance.