Topline Leadership Development Process


The Topline leadership development program is a comprehensive solution to assist managers to develop into great transformational leaders.

The Leadership Challenge

Individuals who are promoted to leadership roles in organisations are often selected for their technical capability rather than leadership ability. Expectations of leaders are high requiring leaders to perform rapidly to deliver the outcomes promised to stakeholders. Leadership is becoming more challenging during times of global economic uncertainty. Downsizing and restructuring result in flatter structures where greater output at a higher quality is expected with less human and financial resource.

The Effect of Leadership

Research suggests that leadership is critical to organisational effectiveness and performance. Effective leadership is concerned with persuading staff members to deliver higher levels of discretionary effort and to focus in alignment with common team goals to achieve business success. Leaders have a dramatic influence over staff engagement and discretionary effort.

A large number of leadership philosophies exist and it can be confusing to know which is the most effective style. However, an overwhelming amount of research demonstrates that transformational leadership consistently achieves highly effective leadership outcomes. There is a continuum of performance delivered from transactional managers to transformational leaders. 


Performance of Great Transformational Leaders

The performance of great transformational leaders set them apart from other leaders delivering exceptional results. Examples of leaders who have demonstrated transformational leadership qualities includes: Andrew Carnegie, Nelson Mandela, Jack Welch, Bill Gates.

Key Benefits

  • Improved individual and team performance
  • Increased self – analysis, self – criticism and awareness of one’s own action
  • Able to prepare followers and colleagues for change
  • Increased willingness to change and to obtain staff commitments for change
  • Increased staff engagement, commitment, satisfaction and discretionary effort
  • More open and better communications
  • Changes in the organisation’s culture
  • Shift from hierarchies to team based structures

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