Topline Innovation Process


The Topline innovation program is a comprehensive solution to assist organisations to develop market innovation.

Topline Innovation Program

Innovation is the development of new customer value solutions that meet customer needs that are either: existing, new or unarticulated requirements, solved in new ways.

Why is Innovation Important

Innovation is fundamental to growing and improving business. It focuses on changes that will improve the efficiency, profitability and ultimately, the viability of business. All business functions can benefit from innovation whether it is finance, human resources, research and development, sales and marketing or logistics. Innovation does not have to be totally new or revolutionary; it may be a small but incremental improvement that results in a positive outcome.

Business competitiveness and survival is directly linked to the organisation’s ability to innovate.

Innovation change management provides the business with a market competitive advantage that can be critical in tough economic circumstances.  

Innovation Programs are Different

Innovation management is often quite different from traditional expert consulting. The goal of a successful innovation program is to:

  • Modify the culture of the organisation to foster innovation as a core value
  • Introduce an effective innovation methodology
  • Stimulate creative thinking in the workforce. 
  • Facilitate innovation among staff 

The role of an expert facilitator is critical in this process.

Problems with Typical Innovation Programs

Typical innovation workshops often do not take into account the practical details that can lead to failure or missed opportunities. The criticisms include:

  1. Prioritising discrete features instead of feature sets 
  2. Mixing “how” and “what” ideas together 
  3. Losing sight of the big picture (for example: environment vs. product focus)
  4. Not enough details, leading to unrealistic ideas 
  5. Putting the activities ahead of the objectives
  6. Brilliant ideas are compromised by groupthink 
  7. Illustrations cloud judgment

Topline Innovation Program

The Topline Innovation program address the issues described above. The Innovation Workshop is part of a wider process that focuses on benefit extraction. An experienced Topline facilitator will:

  • Allow time beforehand for people to research and prepare 
  • Ask people to come with ideas ready to share
  • Allow two days for the workshop
  • Create opportunities for honest feedback on the process and results
  • Limit how the authority figure participates
  • Make certain each team has a good (and fast) illustrator working with them to articulate their ideas
  • More prototyping 

Innovation Risk Analysis

Innovation programs can deliver significant benefits, however it is important to consider the risks associated with innovation. Risks to overcome include:

  • The product is not accepted by the market
  • To innovate it might imply high investments that are not paid back during the product life cycle
  • Excessive concentration of resources and attention on the new product at the expense of quality and marketing of the existing products
  • The company becomes dependent on the new product
  • There is no capacity to implement the innovation

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