We do include some of the country's major corporations in our client base, (scroll down to the end of this page for a sample list), but we specialise in assisting mid-sized businesses increase their Topline performance.

Mid-sized Organisations (50 – 500 staff)

Customer Segment: Revenue $10m to $50m

The Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts Group recently launched Australia’s first Traders Hotel, the corporate member of the iconic Shangri-La family.
Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts is Asia Pacific’s leading luxury hotel group and are regarded as one of the world’s finest hotel ownership and management companies. Shangri-La owns 72 hotels and resorts throughout Asia Pacific, North America, the Middle East and Europe, the Shangri-La group has a room inventory of over 30,000.
Being fresh to the Brisbane market, the Shangri-La Group will require a new approach in order to deliver the performance required from their new hotel. The management of Traders Hotel Brisbane have identified that staff performance will be a key factor for the improved financial performance and subsequent success of the business. In this context, Topline Consulting was engaged to increase staff discretionary effort using their Transformational Leadership Program.
As Human Resources Manager, I am bombarded on a daily basis with numerous approaches by training and leadership development organisations. The Shangri-La Group has a mature and sophisticated internal leadership development program. Therefore I am sceptical when I view any new offering in this space. However, the Topline Transformational Leadership Program surprisingly exceeded our expectations. The concepts of Transformational Leadership are simple, practical and directly applicable to our business. The facilitator, Chris Harasty customised the program for our managers and their specific challenges. The high quality program delivered by Topline was profound and potentially a “game-changer” for our managers. It provided attendees with a simple and practical toolkit to immediately address the staff challenges our managers face on a daily basis.
The consultant, Chris Harasty has a deep knowledge of management, leadership, performance and how to apply the concepts to real life issues. They were flexible, easy to work with and provided on-the-spot solutions to challenges which have hindered our business growth pace.
I highly recommend the Topline Transformational Leadership Program for delivering high quality leadership programs which I believe will deliver measureable benefits to our business.
— Carol West, Human Resources Manager Traders Hotel, Brisbane

Simoco is a leading global supplier, manufacturer and integrator of professional mobile radio (PMR) communication equipment and systems. Simoco has a strong technical heritage dating back over 70 years. We are recognised for developing the highest quality, mission critical radio technologies used in the commercial, government, and public safety sectors worldwide. The Simoco Group global engineering, R&D and product development headquarters are based at our state-of-the-art laboratory in Scoresby Victoria.
Simoco is seeking to grow substantially in a tough market where our competitors include major global corporations like Motorola and Kenwood. An important part of our business growth strategy is to hire and develop the best sales representatives in the industry.
Simoco engaged Topline Consulting to assist in the task of increasing sales revenue. We were attracted to Topline’s value proposition since Topline was offering to bundle sales training and leadership development programs with an integrated approach to increase revenue. We have been delighted with the results. Topline has delivered some of the best sales training we have experienced and the results are starting to flow. We now have a simple and achievable plan to increase revenue by 30% that the whole sales team believes and has signed up to deliver.
I have no hesitation to recommend Topline for a new approach to revenue growth in difficult times.
— Garry Mettner, Sales Manager Simoco

H&T is a leading independent healthcare and rural advertising agency with expertise in pharmaceuticals, nutrition and agribusiness. H&T is a mid-sized agency with 70 staff in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore.
H&T has been working with Topline Consulting for 5 years. Initially, Topline Consulting worked with a small division of H&T called aeffect, our medical education arm. The results achieved far exceeded our expectations.
The advertising industry has been experiencing a difficult market since the GFC. The revenue of the organisation had plateaued for a number of years and profit had been steadily falling. Seeking to grow revenue and profit, H&T engaged Topline Consulting for the parent company.
After a brief review, Topline recommended a minor organisational structure change and suggested that the organisation could double in size and increase profit margins significantly in 3-5 years. Our directors were sceptical due to the challenges associated with a flat mature market and the reality that our revenue was already a significant number.
In less than 6 months, with the assistance of Topline we identify two strong opportunities that are larger than our existing business. The first opportunity, is a business with no competition in Australia and a unique competitive advantage that has the potential to generate profit margins in excess of 50%. The second opportunity has come to fruition and we have already started to generate significant revenue in the first quarter of operation.
The Directors now unanimously agree that 200-300% growth is achievable in 3-5 years. The new strategic direction and the growth plan would not have been possible without the assistance of Topline Growth Program.
— Steve Robson, CEO H&T

Despite the GFC, TIMG has delivered double digit growth consecutively for the last few years. The result of this rapid growth is that the staff in our organisation has been under stress for a long period of time and it is harder each year to achieve the grow targets, especially in the current economic environment.
For the organisation to deliver the growth target we recognised the need for innovation and increased staff productivity. To answer these challenges, we engaged Topline Consulting to develop our leadership team and provide them with a growth mindset. We were attracted to the Topline solution as we saw that we needed a new innovative “Transformational” solution. It was clear that the existing staff and managers were struggling to deliver the large growth targets.
The program developed by Topline was impressive. The facilitators were able to deliver great content and integrate it into our everyday business issues. The solutions were simple and with hindsight “obvious”. The real value provided by Topline is that we started with a team who did not believe that their target was achievable. After the program, the team was buzzy with energy, confident that the target was achievable and excited to start the journey. Topline also worked with each individual to develop a simple execution plan.
I can recommend the Topline “Transformational Leadership” program for any organisation in need of a solution to focus a team which needs to rise to a big challenge.
— Mike Reynolds, Victorian & Tasmania State Manager The Information Management Group

Customer Segment: Revenue $3m to $10m

Arabon is a leading provider of Accounting services for small to medium enterprises and to trustees of Self-Managed Superannuation Funds. Arabon is located in Brisbane and employs approximately 50 staff. Topline Consulting was engaged to assist in the process of changing the culture of the organisation from being technically focused and reactive to client requirements to become more sales focused and proactive in servicing our clients’ requirements. A key goal was to train all staff to integrate our accounting service delivery into a sales and marketing system that increased client revenue from existing clients. Another objective was to help build a cohesive team of partners and to establish a framework for business development and new customer acquisition. Initially our new partners were sceptical yet as the program continued they were “won over” and the results have exceeded our expectations. The business has grown over 30% in a flat market and one of the partners successfully undertook the acquisition of the client base of a competitor. These results would not have been possible without the Topline program.
— Jelena Hahn, Partner Arabon

Binna Burra Mountain Lodge is one of Australia’s longest-established nature-based resorts. The business has more than 50 staff and has struggled to meet its financially targets over a number of years due to the adverse impact of the Global Financial Crisis, the 2011 Brisbane flood and sustained rain. Topline Consulting was engaged to provide a customised workshop and coaching program to help develop and implement a sales growth strategy. The program was so successful that it completely changed to mood of the organisation. From a feeling of uncertainly and at times helplessness our staff are now excited, invigorated and have confidence that they will be able to achieve our financial goals. The simple action plan worked beyond our expectations. Within a few weeks we were able to measure an increase in sales specifically due to the program. The most pleasing aspect of the program is the difference in staff motivation and engagement in such a short period of time.
— Robert McDowall, CEO Binna Burra

I just had a coffee with my Account Director and employed some of the key learnings from the transformational leadership training (…and some of the learnings from my on-on-one coaching seshing). It was probably the most productive and valuable performance discussion I’ve had with an employee. She said that it was a great conversation and both of us walked away excited at the outcome!
— Louis Reginato, Managing Director Aeffect

Major Corporations

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