The Importance of Sales Execution

Sales execution operations is a set of business activities and processes that assist a sales organisation to run effectively and efficiently in alignment with business strategy and objectives. Companies are now recognising the significant benefits of sales operations activities and the need for centralisation and formal leadership. Many mid-sized companies are now forming sales operations departments

What is Sales Execution?

The set of sales operations activities vary from company to company but often include these nine categories:

  1. Sales strategy: design, planning, execution
  2. Measurement of results: reporting, analytics and sales data
  3. Compensation, sales quota, policies
  4. Technology and tools, including CRM
  5. Training and sales communication
  6. Sales territory design and optimisation
  7. Contests and spiffs
  8. Lead generation and sales programs
  9. Customer segmentation

Extracting the Benefit of Sales Execution

Topline Consulting has developed a proprietary platform that facilitates sales execution and provides a process to extract the commercial benefit from the sale execution platform. Topline Sales Execution Programs provides a structured process for sale execution development and commercial value extraction.