The Importance of Leadership Development

Good leadership will inspire, influence and motivate people to achieve goals and constructive change. The common characteristic of good leaders is their ability to inspire and stimulate others to achieve worthwhile goals and to extract performance above normal expectations. In uncertain and turbulent times, strong leadership is required to calmly navigate adversity.

A large number of leadership philosophies exist and it can be confusing to know which is the most effective style. An overwhelming amount of research demonstrates that Transformational Leadership consistently achieves highly effective leadership outcomes. 

Transformational leaders have a dramatic influence over staff:

  • engagement
  • satisfaction
  • retention 
  • discretionary effort
  • innovation 
  • performance

Human Capital Performance Model


Extracting the Benefit of Leadership Development

Topline Consulting has developed a proprietary platform that facilitates leadership development and provides a process to extract the commercial benefit from the leadership development. Topline Leadership Development Programs provides a structured process for leadership development and commercial value extraction.