Topline consultants specialises in assisting mid-sized businesses increase their Topline performance. Topline only engages senior consultants with a high level of technical expertise that have also demonstrated their skills with successful projects in the real world. Communication is often a key factor for project success and Topline consultants are hand-picked to be able to bridge the gap between technical expertise and positive client relationships.

Topline programs are high quality evidence-based programs based utilising robust peer-reviewed research.
Consultants have postgraduate qualification in Business and Organisational Psychology.


Topline consultants have more than 30 years' consulting experience with an extensive portfolio of successful projects. A wide range of experience covers: information technology, sales, marketing, finance, management, human resources.

Topline Methodology

Topline has developed a proprietary hybrid methodology that combines the Solution Focused Approach from Consulting with Vertical Learning from Organisational Psychology. The unique advantage of the Topline methodology is that it delivers low-cost programs while still maximising the positive impact for the organisation.

Shared Risk Model

Topline projects typical seek to achieve a return on investment of 3 to 5 times the program investment in the first year. Topline Consulting has developed a unique shared risk model where we work in partnership to deliver the agreed target performance increase. Our fee is dependent on the success of the project.